IB Camp at 2nd/3rd of September

The annual IB Camp for grade 11 students took place again this year on campus, starting with a basketball work-out with the inspiring Mr. Jones. Having jumped over this hurdle, students spent time mastering the art of the Extended Essay and learned the intricacies of their new friend Managebac. A carload of pizzas arrived before everyone fainted and marshmallows were obtained from the (thankfully!) reopened Edeka in time to melt above our campfire in the school courtyard. Although it was a short night on the school floor or outdoors, CAS students from grade 12 had breakfast waiting (thank you team Jette, Annika, Lukas, Annalena and Leticia!) and after a round of yoga, ping-pong or dance, the weary students nonetheless successfully brainstormed new ideas for CAS activities and projects. Nice work, people! 

(Laura Protextor)