CAS - Creativity, Activity, Service

Creativity:paint, perform, write, cook, dance, compose, photograph, act …
Activity:throw, catch, stretch, run, ski, kick, skate, peddle, tackle …
Service:fundraise, research, advocate, organize, help your city, save the whales, save the world …

CAS is one of the core elements of the IB Diploma and is required for anyone doing the IB Diploma, but everyone is welcome to participate!  It is a great way to develop skills and broaden experiences. The goal of CAS is to encourage students to push their boundaries and take risks through investigation, planning, action and reflection.

Over the past years, BeBe students have participated in a wide variety of CAS activities, a few of which we list here below.  Some activities would fit into more than one category!

Download: CAS Handbook (PDF)


Our student Richard Voigtmann supported his brother with a video production for the Easter workshop of the Palucca University of Dance in spring 2021. Composed by Jonathan Emilian Heck. Click here to watch the video.

In 2020 again a IB Cultural Evening took place at our school. Click here and read more!

Seniors Joy Stahn and Alina Schmidt outdid themselves in their CAS project, designing and updating our school flyer to inform incoming families about the bilingual programs offered at BeBe.

Joy Stahn showed her outstanding creativity by creating a CAS logo especially for our school.

IB students created an image film about our school.

IB students created an Image film about our school.

A group of students planned, organized and performed at the IB Kulturabend.

A group of students planned, organized and performed at the IB Cultural Evening.

Students Jan Kurfürst and Cedric Kotte founded and perform regularly with their band, The Swinging Muffs.

Student Greta Gabsch expanded her creative work with photos taken at home and abroad.


Students Alaa Alsaad and Esther Schachenmayr organized the wildly successful dance battle Create the Future as their CAS project, drawing participants from the entire region and giving  young dancers the opportunity to compete with experienced performers.

IB students and teachers got a move at the annual IB retreat in beautiful Görlitz.

IB students and teachers got a move at the annual IB retreat in beautiful Görlitz.

As part of his CAS activities, 12th grade student Jan Müller documented his dedication to and discipline in wakeskating. Video:

Student Jakob Heubner not only played Monarch football, he volunteered as a referee at the men’s Monarch games.

Students organized hiking trips with family and friends.  Photograph by Malwina Lüttig.

Students and teachers went paddling at the annual Leipzig IB Retreat


For their CAS project, 12th graders  Lilian Böhme and Lia Kolloch mentored newly arrived 5th graders by organizing partnerships between older and younger students. Collaborating with teachers and social workers, a collection of students from grades 11 and 12 assumed responsibility for a 5th grade class, organized communal activities and helped the young students adjust to life in their new school. Highlights were a Halloween party, ice skating and a sports day. Inspired to keep this successful project afloat, the founders turned over the organizational reigns to incoming 12th graders Alina Bila and Helen Geftler.

BeBe students painted a room in the Primary School "Johanna".

BeBe students painted the reading room in the Primary School "Johanna".

Another group organized a book donation for the "Johanna" students.

Another group organized book donations for the "Johanna" students.

A group of students carried out a poll and informed students about the link between CO2 emission and food consumption.

A group of students carried out a poll and informed students about the link between CO2 and food consumption on Earth Day.

Students in grade 11 organized the annual Spendenlauf 2017 for all BeBe students, raising money for the clean water projects of arche noVa.

Wall murals with quotes from Bertolt Brecht were designed and painted by students to improve the classroom environment.

A poster for student project encouraging interaction and integration.  The logo was designed by CAS student Wilhelm Körner as part of his creativity portfolio.

Student Restaurant

On 12 January, the first ever Student Restaurant served 143 3-course meals to BeBe students and their families.  Organized by 12th graders Nils Fiebig and Emilie Ploß as part of their IB CAS service project, BeBe students prepared and served bruschetta with tomatoes, salmon in mustard cream sauce and a heavenly crème brûlée to their diners, earning 2,200€ to support this year’s Abiball.  

Rami Bou Hamze, Laura Ufer and Emilie Ploß set it up …

Albrecht Jänchen, Florian Nienkirchen, Paul Beutel and Anna Müller dish it out …

Special thanks to family Bou Hamze and family Ploß and congratulations to the amazing team of: Paul Beutel, Annalena Blaschke, Caroline Böhme, Rami Bou Hamze, Dat Bui Duc, Marina Degtyareva, Carl Findeisen, Lion Forner, Gustav Friebel, Franz Hartwig, Albrecht Jänchen, Paul Kaufmann, Roswitha Knitt, Hella Krumbach, Jan Kurfürst, Aaron Kutzer, Till Mauksch, Olga Medwedew, Florian Mehnert, Anna Müller, Hanna Müller, Florian Nienkirchen, Lukas Nitzsche, Lena Rohleder, Alexander Rothfuß, Corinna Schaufel, Sophie Schichtholz, Michelle Schmidt, Hannes Schumacher, Caroline Ufer, Laura Ufer, Leonie Wilde, Robin Wischnewski and Charlotte Wustmann.


CAS offers boundless opportunities to expand your horizons.  Interested?  Great! Write us at