Gastfamilie gesucht!

Josefa aus Chile hat sich auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Gastfamilie an unsere Schule gewandt. In den folgenden Zeilen stellt sie sich selbst vor:


My name is Josefa Núñez Deramond, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Arica, the XV region of Arica and Parinacota, Chile. My city is just by the coast, but is also in the middle of the desert in the north of my country, being this way a border city with Perú. The weather in here is really warm, even in winter, so we’re not really used to the rain (and the snow is almost a myth in this part of the country). The south of the country is a really different thing, with a wide forest, large mountains and rivers. Chile is known for the exportation of copper, the quality of our wine production and the diverse ecosystems (from the dryest desert to the “torres del paine” in the south). I live with my parents, Rossana and Sergio, my sister, Macarena, and my dog, Patch (who’s a really lazy shih tzu). I’m in my junior year in Colegio San Jorge, a private school of my city, where I go every week day from 8.00 am till 16:30 pm. In my free time, I like to play hockey or go for a run, but now im also attending math classes Wednesdays and Fridays, so I just cut it short to the math classes and going for a run with my older sister.

I’m doing this letter because I’d really love to study a year in Germany as an Exchange student, get to know about the culture, the country, and hopefully, find a host familly! I’m really interested in living the full experience in a German home. My goal is to have an enrichment experience that makes me grow as a better, and more independent person, being away from home and getting to know how is life to the people in the other side of the world.

Since now, thanks for your time. And I hope we can meet in person in the future!


Interessierte Familien, sie sich vorstellen können, Josefa ab dem Beginn des nächsten Schuljahres für ein Jahr bei sich aufzunehmen, können sich bei Frau Bengsch ( melden.