IB Visual Arts Exhibition

The IB Visual Arts Exhibition took place this year in the homes of 9 outstanding artists:  Lillian Böhme, Klara Herzog, Lia Kolloch, Tram Mattheß, Michael Morgenstern, Tereza Svejcarová, Ina Schattenberg, Luzie Scheibenhof and Joy Stahn.  This unusual event lead to private but outstanding presentations of personal creativity and courage during the school closure.  We applaud their accomplishments and invite you to view their work here.

(Mrs Protextor)

Ina Schattenberg

Exhibition - Fragile Love - Fresh Love

ExhibitionFragile LoveFresh Love

Joy Stahn

Exhibition - Mother - Unexpected Outpouring of Love

ExhibitionMotherUnexpected Outpouring of Love

Klara Herzog

Kräne und Tannenbaum - Philips Ausblick - Zitronenpresse

Kräne und TannenbaumPhilips AusblickZitronenpresse

Lia Kolloch

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Lilian Böhme

Exhibition - Eye Over the City - Portrait of Lilith

ExhibitionEye Over the CityPortrait of Lilith

Luzie Scheibenhof

Exhibit - Balance - Peaceful 1

ExhibitBalancePeaceful 1

Michael Morgenstern

Exhibition - Broken Habit - In Thoughts

ExhibitionBroken HabitIn Thoughts

Tereza Svejcarova

Exhibition - Hidden Thoughts - Lonely Together

ExhibitionHidden ThoughtsLonely Together

Tram Matthess

Exhibition Mirror - My View - Star Dancer

Exhibition MirrorMy ViewStar Dancer