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The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

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IB graduates 2019

BeBe is delighted to announce that all IB students were awarded their IB Diplomas or Certificates this year (2018/19).  In addition to the already demanding Abitur, Diploma candidates completed coursework, essays and examinations in 6 academic subjects as well as satisfying the requirements of the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and artistic, athletic and service components of CAS.  Course students received Certificates in subjects ranging from English to Biology, Chemistry, History, Maths and Physics.  Nils Küchenmeister received the highest overall score of 36 points. 

We congratulate all students on this incredible accomplishment, and wish them the bright and lucky futures for which they are meant.

IB graduates 2017
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Content of the IB in Secondary Two

IB Groupscorresponding subjects
Group 11. Language (German)
Group 22. Language (English)
Group 3Social studies (History)
Group 4Experimental sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Biology)
Group 5Mathematics
Group 6artistic-musical class or chosen class (Music,  Art, French, Russian, Physics, Chemistry or Biology)

In addition:

  • TOK (2 periods per week of Theory of Knowledge)
  • Extended Essay
  • CAS (sports, arts and social engagement)

Presentation to IB Diploma at BeBe


IB Group 4 Project 2019

IB scientists from grade 11 successfully organized and investigated the ethical, environmental and tastiness of the burger as part of the IB Group 4 Project.  Once the unwilling coals were actually hot, the scientists heated, flipped and eventually tasted and compared beef burgers, organic burgers, corn burgers and vegan burgers with the help of classmates from the Saxony International School. A satisfying morning of scientific investigation!