English Enrichment

English Enrichment is a program developed at BeBe to encourage and assist all interested students in grades 5-10 to improve their English skills. Our teachers come from all over the world, are often native speakers and use alternative teaching methods. English Enrichment takes place once a week in the 7th or 8th period. 

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

participants in the school year 2016/17
international teachers

Schedule 5 and Native Speakers 5/6     |     Schedule 6     |     Schedule 7     |     Schedule 8     |     Schedule 9     |     Schedule 10

Presentation Parents meeting on 2018/05/17

Content of the English Enrichment program

grade  corresponding  subjects


1 period per week: practical acquisition of the English language through games, literature and movies

Native Speakers 5-6 1 period per week: separate lessons for native speakers  
7-9 1 period per week (in blocks): History, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Culture. 

Approximately 2 periods per week (in blocks) in 6 of the following subjects: German, English, French, Russian, History, Mathematics, Biology, Physics,  Chemistry, Music or Visual Arts.

The advantages of English Enrichment


  • Improvement English skills across disciplines
  • Improvement of subject-specific competence
  • Admission to the International Baccalaureate® in grade 11 and 12 is easier
  • Certificate with assessments of achievements with the yearly report card


Parental contribution: about 90-160 € per year, depending on grade level

Download: Program Statement English Enrichment